OTK is a brand with sustainability and creativity at its heart. Our three pillars revolve around artistic collaborations, sustainable practices, and natural and recycled materials.

OTK commits to continuously push the boundaries of social and environmental impact by supporting best practices and upholding transparency. OTK wishes to be kept accountable throughout its supply chain practices in order to tackle key areas for improvement.

At OTK, our internal team and our partners are chosen for their integrity and drive for quality, creativity, environmental mindset and social responsibility.


  • Transparent supply-chain
  • Impact reporting
  • Designed with the intention to be inclusive of all body shapes
  • Working with materials that are natural, recycled and/or organic
  • Working with suppliers that are certified by third-parties and established within European laws
  • Small production quantities
  • Limit/no waste
  • Pending B Corp certified
  • Charity donations
  • Animal welfare
  • Fair work
  • Marketing and advertising campaigns amplifying the values behind our clothes


OTK guarantees that its staff, external contractors and suppliers follow good working conditions and a good working environment. OTK’s Suppliers’ Code of Conduct defines the minimum standard of ethical and responsible behaviour that must be met by the manufacturers and suppliers of the products commissioned by OTK, in the course of its business.

This Code is firmly based on respect for human and labour rights and has been set upon the foundations of The Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code. These categories are:

  1. Employment is freely chosen
  2. Child labour shall not be used
  3. Equal pay and living wages are paid
  4. Working hours are not excessive
  5. No discrimination is practiced
  6. Regular employment is provided
  7. No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed
  8. Anti-bribery, corruption and presentation of false information
  9. Diversity and inclusion
  10. Employees are entitled to holidays, sick leave and time off
  11. Freedom of association, right to organise and collective bargaining
  12. Grievances and whistleblowing
  13. Safe working conditions
  14. Maternity rights and parental leave

OTK’s Suppliers' Code of Conduct shall be applied to all manufacturers and suppliers that take part in the purchasing, manufacturing and finishing processes, and is based upon the following general principles that define OTK’s ethical behaviour:

  • All OTK’s operations are developed from an ethical and responsible perspective.
  • All persons, individuals or entities who maintain, directly or indirectly, any kind of employment, economic, social and/or industrial relationship with OTK are treated fairly, with respect, and with dignity.
  • All OTK’s activities are carried out in a manner that most respects the environment.
  • All manufacturers and suppliers (i.e. production centres that are not the property of OTK Lifestyle Limited) fully adhere to these commitments and undertake to ensure that the standards set forth in the Code are met.

OTK has confidence in its suppliers and manufacturers. OTK is grateful and privileged to align with suppliers leading the industry in their conduct on social and environmental matters, and we look forward to continuing to make supply chain improvements with their support.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch via email to contact@otkstudio.co.uk.