Use cold water

Washing in cold water is better for the environment and your garments. Using cold water helps reduce colour fading while using less energy.

Dry clean responsibly
If a garment indicates to “dry clean only”, we recommend choosing a certified environmentally friendly dry cleaner who avoids the use of harmful chemicals. If you are based in London, we recommend bringing your garment to Blanc Living drycleaners.
Some tips

You probably don't need to wash your clothes as much as you think you do - natural fibres in particular have excellent properties that will prolong the time you can wear them without washing. Spot clean and hand wash to limit water consumption.

Get in touch if you need aftercare advice:

Frame the art

At the end of your jacket’s life, send it back to us and we will frame the print for you to display as art on your wall. All remaining fabrics will be recycled accordingly.

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We accept returns for used and unwanted garments. 

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